Experienced Custom Crating & Packaging Services in Lehigh Valley

Whether your items are heavy, high-value, unique, or fragile, Craters & Freighters Lehigh Valley offers crating and packaging solutions customized to meet their needs. Most packing and shipping companies have size and weight restrictions. Not us. We’ll crate and ship virtually anything virtually anywhere.

Our Craters & Freighters Lehigh Valley team of experts in crating, packing, and shipping are dedicated to designing and building custom wood shipping crates that ensure even the most fragile items arrive safely and securely at their destination, free of damage.

All of our custom crates are built to code from the inside out.  Using specific information for each crating project, including measurements and weight, value, fragility, and final destination, crates are designed for optimal support to assure effective and efficient transport. 

Crating with Care

At Craters & Freighters, we do not believe in one-size-fits-all crating solutions. The more closely a crate matches the size and shape of an item, the more secure that item will be.

That’s why we design and build the perfect crate ourselves. We also tailor our blocking, bracing, and padding schemes to ensure maximum protection.Our decades in the industry have taught us that the inside crate support is just as important to a successful shipment than the crate itself.  With comprehensive knowledge in crate design, we can handle any crating project, no matter how challenging.  Our Lehigh Valley team is unrivaled in meeting the intense demands that come with these shipping jobs and providing the best in customer satisfaction. 

wood crates

Whether your dangerous, oversized, or excessively heavy shipment is traveling domestically or internationally, you can feel confident in knowing it will arrive safely in one of our custom wooden crates

Our customers will tell you that our attention to detail is what enables their items to get to their destination safely and free of damage.

Protection Where It Matters Most

The shipping stream is no place for poorly packaged items. The conditions are challenging, and the handling of crates can be rough. If you want your valuables to arrive undamaged, it takes the kind of unique expertise that we offer.

We provide each crating, packaging, and shipping project with the experience and leadership necessary to facilitate a smart, effective transport.  Our Lehigh Valley team of experts will always go above and beyond, providing the ultimate in service, knowledge, and customer support.  

We know what it takes to design and build the custom wooden containers and the necessary supporting structures that will get your valuables to their final destination safely. 

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Custom Wooden Shipping Crates and Packaging in Lehigh Valley

Craters & Freighters has all of your crating, packaging, and shipping needs in one place.  We are leaders in our field, providing the most effective transport to even the most fragile, hazardous, or oversized items.  No crating project is too big (or too small).  Our team is well-versed in managing your shipment from start to finish with professionalism and strict attention to the details.  All of our wooden containers surpass inspection codes and are designed to fit each item to perfection.

We will expertly design the ideal container style for your specific item, the necessary supports including internal blocking and bracing structures, and the optimal securement methods.  No matter what you’re shipping, we will provide the crate, packaging, and care to ensure it arrives safely.

On-Site Packaging and Crating Services in Lehigh Valley and the Surrounding Areas

Oftentimes items are too heavy, fragile, hazardous, or oversized to get to our warehouse safely.  Craters & Freighters will happily come to your office or residence to design and build the necessary crate for your shipment.  We have all of the tools we need to provide any item with the exact same service and details we offer at our own facility. If you would like us to build your custom wooden containers and their supporting cushioning and stabilizers, on-site, give us a call today and let’s get started. Want a custom crate built and brought to your home or office?  We’ll do it.  Just give us a call and we can work out all the details.

Any Crating and Packing Need Covered

Craters & Freighters are industry leaders and we have years of knowledge and insight behind us.  We want you to feel confident in your crating, packing, and shipping strategy which is why we provide the ultimate in detail, care, and customer service throughout your project. Our custom wood crating and shipping services are top-of-the-line and our team of experts is unmatched.
Contact us today and let’s get your shipment moving!

Tailored Crating Solutions

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